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Message from the CEO

Japan is a “manufacturing powerhouse, known as Monozukuri” that has grown and settled as a postwar national strategy and is recognized by the world. "Human resources of Monozukuri" are at the core of Japanese manufacturing, so Techspire thinks our mission is contributing to the development of human resources. In the swell of digitalization, we will seek, propose and promote new solutions to further enhance Japan's presence.

At the World Skills Competition, which competes for manufacturing skills in each country, Japan has become a country far below the top after 2007. The regular leading countries are Korea, China, Russia and Switzerland, etc. In addition to improving productivity through digitalization, we will strive to provide educational support that captures the essence of manufacturing based on skills.

Promoting DX (Digital Transformation)

We propose EEDX (Engineering Education by Digital Transformation) to the field of education and human resource development in particular through the provision of design and manufacturing solutions and educational support. It is a solution for face-to-face classes as well as home self-study and remote learning as a means to develop engineering skills, in a situation where experiments and practice are not possible due to COVID-19. We're constantly working to expand our educational content.